According to Cambodian Government’s goal to reach rice’s export at one million tons to Global Market by annual, BETAMORE LIMITED was intentionally established in the late year of 2014 as Rice Broker to contribute the success of the government’s aim. Our strong willingness is to raise Cambodian economy thought seeking for both local and international markets for selling variety of Cambodian rice and cereal products.

Our company is not just operated as Rice Broker, but we also provide Custom Clearance service (Export and Import) of any products to other companies. In addition, we allow Credit/Loan Service to Rice mills in order to buy paddy in harvest season. In the local market, we provide another possibility as a retailer.


To be recognized as World’s Premium Quality Cambodian products in sustainable supply. such as; long fragrant rice and variety of cereals by building company brand.




To be top one of supplying Cambodian products for local and international markets.
To be team work as collaboration with farmers and buyers.
Creating innovation project to against poverty for small holder farmers.

Our Values Proposition










In Cambodian Apsara Dance, there are many types of hands gestures. Betamroe Limited symbol mark is the combination between one of the hand gestures with the home roof (BAYON CEREAL CO., LTD), which hand gestures mean “Growing” and home roof mean “Warm/Happiness”.

As parents, they want their children grow and become good human in the society. As BETAMORE LIMITED was the new established by strongly support from parents and family. Home is really an unforgettable place with the peaceful and grateful memory of happiness as a quote said “No Place Like Home!”. BETAMORE LIMITED believes that form strongly support from his warming family. He committed to make his business growing with happiness.




Land in our field is very natural and it is drylands that doesn’t not contain water during dry season. So that the all pathogen dies. Soil contains more bio-logical fertilizer. this natural fertilizer is from a part of tropical monsoon climate (am) by natural reaction Carbon Sink from Ocean. Moreover, as stated by the World Bank Group’s “Water Week 2004” forum, Cambodia’s soil has no arsenic poisoning, So that it is very good for human’s health when people eat rice from healthy planting source. Furthermore, the soil type in planting areas are mollisols soil and there are only 7% of mollisols soil if compares to dryland in the world. It contains high organic fertilizer for planting paddy and also bring the unforgotten flavor and tastes of rice too.


Farmers were received technical training from Cambodian’s government and many different Non-Organizations for producing seed with 100% purity. They can produce seed and keep it in secure place with good condition that not make less seed’s value.  By their best practicing and skill from year to year, they become the best and top one seed producers and also has been awarded as the best paddy producer in Cambodia too.


The water is very important for growing paddy. We don’t use groundwater to supply paddy fields. We have enough natural water resources, such as Kamping Puoy and Pre Sangha Phal Reservoir for supplying all paddy fields. Water in these reservoirs from the rainfall only. Because these reservoirs are located in the middle of mountains (Ku mountain or Ta Ngen mountain and Kamping Pouy mountain). As in Cambodia has no air pollution, there is no acid rain. Thus rainwater is really good for paddy. In the raining season, even the paddy field get too much rainwater, we have strong water irrigation to decrease level of rain water from the fields.


The water from our natural resources, Kamping Puoy and Pre Sangha Phal Reservoir to supply all paddy fields. Water in these reservoir is from rainfall only. As in Cambodia has no air pollution, so there is no acid rain.


Not just receiving training on producing seed, farmers also receives training on planting paddy too. Moreover, their production is also increasing too while they understand and practice well planting with using correcting fertilizer correctly.


Pesticides Control

The water from our natural resources, Kamping Puoy and Pre Sangha Phal Reservoir to supply all paddy fields. Water in these reservoir is from rainfall only. As in Cambodia has no air pollution, so there is no acid rain.


In spite of farmers’ skill plating paddy, farmers use modern equipment to harvest paddy on time. Not just this, the wet paddy gets into the dryer machine within 24 hours after harvesting.



After processing and finish package, all products keep in good condition and clean. There have system to control.




BETAMORE LIMITED will guarantee our customers values with excellent services processing from farm to table. We work closely with smallholder farmers within contract farming with them. All farms belong to farmers only. Our professional sales, marketing and export team will respond to all your inquiries expeditiously, and work out the best possible customer friendly deal to accommodate all your requirements.


With our dedicated and steadfast commitment to thoroughly serve our customers, we ensure your full satisfaction. We spare no effort to warrant that each order is subjected to our very demanding and stringent in-house inspections at all processing stages in order to provide our customers with a product that exceeds expectation.


We have our expertized quality control team to provide the rice analysis based on standard requirement and specification in rice kernel. These are including physical inspection of milled rice’s specification, checking quality of packaging materials, and checking cleanliness and quality of empty container suitable for loading rice, loading monitoring and so on. Beside checking quality products, we also have quality systems such as HALAL and ISO 22000 to make our customer trust on us.



ISO 22000